Want to Super Charge your B2B Opportunity Pipeline?


We have been helping clients get MUCH more out of their LinkedIn! (But it's JUST the START!)


This Checklist will help you create more long term opportunities by right people with the right message at the right time.


In this 7 Step Blueprint we will reveal

  • Our 7 step process that shows you exactly how you can...
  • Stand out, break the ice, and make your introduction conversations significantly more productive.                  
  • Why your messages make all the difference                                                           
  • How as little as 30 minutes a day can make all the difference                                                                         
  • And so much more.

Bryan Durkin is a B2B sales expert and specializes in helping companies get their sales teams up to the plate more often with more qualified customers. As a Top-10% direct response marketer he knows that standing out often is the best ice-breaker ever. He has built and managed sales teams across the globe and uses virtual teams to scale the B2B marketing and sales process. 

LinkedIn relationships!

How to go from annoying pest to welcome guest!

What can I expect?

Based on the most respected Direct Response Marketer ever - Dan Kennedy - we've taken his teachings, applied it to the market and psychology of users on LinkedIn.


Learn how to reach C-level - Director Level - Manager level based on how you can help them - not how you can sell them!


While your results may vary.. some of our Inner Circle Members have achieved some of these results*


  • 3X connections with 100+ Active Leads
  • 4X connections 5 - 7 new leads per week.
  • 100 New Trade Show connections and closed business of 58,000 of annual contribution margin
  • 8 - 12 NEW Zoom Discover Calls Weekly
  • 2 New Referrals sources every month (for the last 4 months) each referral is worth $7200 in sales.


Building Relationships

This client is launching a coaching program for a narrow niche of business owners, in the last 180 days we have been able to dramatically increase her network of the niche, enable enagegement, social proof and more importantly - LIVE Calls with their prospects.


120 Qualified Leads

65 Live Appointments

2 Live Webinars....


More to come!


Frequently asked questions


How do I learn more? Simply download the guide and we’ll email you with some info on how to make it happen. I wonder if we will get a surprise?


Does this work? Well - do you sell long term and on your value? If you do this process will work - but like any sales process it takes time. This is NOT designed for 1 Shot Markets or SPAM. Our clients are selling products that are typically worth $2,500 to $250,000. Your Mileage May Vary!


Could I do this myself? Yes – but if you don't want to we should talk


My business is different? – Nope it's not - you have a product or service and you sell it to clients. The more impact you can have on the business leaders the simpler the sales process can be.


Is this ONLY for B2B Sales? NO! If you have a product that targets a certain demographic it's certainly easier - but if your product is B2B and you get referrals from business this strategy is HIGHLY effective..


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