Now you can grow your

connections, your relationships and your business.

(In much less time that you really thought!)

If you are like me, you hear all the time that you need to use "social media" to grow

but have struggled to make it convert. 

Because it's confusing and the consultants make it complicated - or worse they make up metrics to make themselves look good.





If you are like me you probably have

enough friends.... but are always on

the hunt for better clients who want

and need your services.

When it's time for growth I simply look

where I can be the most effective.

And that's LinkedIn​ 

Let us work together to build YOUR

LinkedIn Relationship Network. Doing things like...


Connect to the right prospects consistently and hundreds or new highly targeted connections every month.

Profile Enhancements​

Build a profile that makes you stand out without trying to sell and improve your authority in the market.


Learn how to effectively build a comprehensive playbook that is most effective in generating your relationships and ultimately drives more opportunity. This includes multi-media multi-touch and could include mail, email, phone, and other activities for you and our team to support you.


How to effectively reach your target unlike any other Ad platform. Personalized messages at scale - for you, your team, it's entirely up to you.

Opportunity Generation​

Confirm appointments, monitor email, proposal follow up, all of those things that you know you should do but don't have the time to do it.





Ad Campaigns​

Target the right prospects with the right messages consistently. Learn when Ads are the right way to scale not when the agency makes the most money.

Silver LinkedIn

Strategy Session

We work together to outline your top prospects and the key components to break down your LinkedIn strategy.


Great place to start if you are not sure you "have the time" to figure this out. (PS you need to make the time!)

You Get:

Focused LinkedIn Coaching Call - 100% based on your business needs.

Receive a custom customer profile and road-map.

Identify key areas that you can use LinkedIn to build your marketing growth engine.

Key suggestions to make your LinkedIn profile more receptive to network additions and more sales calls.

Access to our LinkedIn Messaging Playbook to use to make your prospecting work more effective. $297 Value!

Access to our "Top 10" online resources to find the right resources - for YOUR projects with YOUR requirements.

$497 Value!



Gold Fast Coaching

(Most Popular!) 

Includes PowerLi CRM

This monthly program will grow your network connections and put you in growth mode FAST.

This has a 3 month commitment and is billed monthly in advance.


You Get:

PowerLi training course - foundations of how to determine the 7 Pillars of our Strategy

Bi-Monthly coaching calls to ask live questions, get feedback and improve your effectiveness.

Once those users connect we will update those contacts in your own personal PowerLi CRM.

After they confirm access we will contact them and deliver your custom message to convert them to discovery calls to pitch your solution. 

While results may vary by option and industry the norm is 50 to 100 new connections per month and typically 8 to 15 new leads per month. These results are NOT typical and your industry, your offer and your ability to close your sale could affect your results.

Diamond Program


This offer is designed for fast growing companies that need support for theiir sales & marketing teams and want to add a continuos growth mode. This is a 3 month commitment and is billed monthly in advance. 


You Get:

Turnkey LinkedIn Lead Generation 30 Day Fast Start and then monthly done for you relationship generation and monthly coaching calls to help you take advantage of all of the new connections and opportunities.

Sales Funnel Diagnostic - make sure that you or your team is getting results.

Sponsored InMail to cut to the chase! Reach those who raise their hand immediately.**

Leads are uploaded to PowerLi CRM immediately upon signup and you are notified.


Talk to us about the initial startup cost of this effort to include customized curation of leads, lead research, lead enhancement (email, address, phone). 


When you build relationships, you build trust

When you leave the pressure tactics at the door, you get the benefit of long term prospects. This approach is designed specifically for clients with high retention and multi-offering type of sales.

LinkedIn Social CRM

Looking for B2B Sales Growth?

Apply to be An


The MVP INNER CIRCLE is a private Coaching Program designed to get your business from where it is to where you want it to be.

As an INNER CIRCLE Member you get access to more comprehensive sales strategy, multi-media marketing campaigns designed to generate LIVE PHONE CALLS AND APPOINTMENTS

and NOT "Impressions" or "Likes"



LinkedIn is the Property of Microsoft Corporation and we make no claims about ownership, performance or any terms of service. Your results may vary significantly from other clients and we make no claims or warrants that you and your company will have the same results. Some engagements require a minimum commitment and all engagements require a startup fee. LinkedIn-MVP is a training program and service offering by MVP Associates, LLC and there is no guarantee either explicit or implied. Simply put - if you can't sell or close this will not work for you. There is no magic wand, MVP Associates and our team will work with you to expand your relationship network and everything is 100% transparent.

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