Growing your business using Virtual Teams

Ever ask yourself?​

"How can I find the time and resources to get all the things I need

to get done - just to keep up - let alone grow my business?

YES - you can hire Virtual Teams, and learn from the experts!​

(At a fraction of the cost you would expect!)​

I have managed teams as large as 225 and you can too - but starting that big can be a mistake.  (Just ask me!)

In fact most of the time it's small hyper focused teams doing well defined projects and processes. 


We specialize in Marketing & Sales related functions that

enable your company to grow without adding headcount.

Let us work together to build YOUR

virtual team. Doing things like...


Market Research, Lead Research, Outreach, Copyriting, LinkedIn, Phone Outreach, & More


Websites, Application integration, Marketing Technology Automation,  E-Commerce & More


Brochures, Catalogs, Logos, Cut Sheets, Product Mockups, Web Mockups, & More


Confirm appointments, monitor email, invoice follow up


Event Invitations, A/R Follow Up, 


Confirm appointments, monitor email, invoice follow up

Silver Strategy Session

(A great start!)


We work together to outline your top tasks and what are the key components to break down your VA strategy.


Great place to start if you are not sure you "have the time" to figure this out. (PS you need to make the time!)

    Focused Coaching Call - 100% based on your growth needs.

    Identify 5 key areas that you can us VA's to build your marketing growth engine.

    Receive access to the appropriate workbooks and tip sheets for the key areas identified.

    Access to Hiring Profiles for hiring the key resources for your team members.

    $297 Value!

    Access to our "Top 10" online resources to find the right resources - for YOUR projects with YOUR requirements. $497 Value!

    Gold Fast Start

    (Most Popular!)


    This 30 day program is designed to get you out of the gates ! FAST

    You Get:

    Everything in the Silver program - your customized strategy session

    2 - Bi-Weekly calls to create, identify and implement everything you need to get your projects started.

    Bonus videos/audios, valuable insights, new information about trends, market place updates and more!

    Access to "MVP-Training" the EXCLUSIVE online training that share everything you need to know about hiring & managing virtual teams.

    Designed to share with your team so that they can understand how to take advantage of the global pool of resources to help your business grow.

    Specific Statements of Work written for you, Hiring Profiles, Hiring Sites to get the team members and managers that you need to be successful. 

    Diamond Program


    This offer is designed for fast growing companies that need ongoing support for their sales & marketing teams and want to add a continuous growth mode.


    This is a 3 month commitment and is billed monthly in advance. 

    Personalized expertise to help you identify, prioritize and implement KEY projects that move the needle in your business. Key emphasis on Client Facing/Revenue enhancing processes.

    Everything in the GOLD Fast Start program!

    Trello Board Template for managing remote teams and projects.

    Up to 20 hours of my VA Team Support. Used each month for Market Research, Project Coordination, market trends, recruiting, systems setup your choice!

    Monthly Billed in Advance - cancel prior to following months start date.

    Looking for a place to start?

    Join the MVP Inner Circle!


    Each monthly training session we will work through several in depth examples of how to hire the right people to complete the right projects. There is no risk and it's worth 10X your investment each month!

    People - Process - Technology

    You will get results!

    We know that hiring VA's can be challenging - we know we use them in our business and for our private clients. But if you can look at us in the eye (well online or via Zoom) and decide this isn't for you and although you gave it 100% it doesn't work - just let us know and we'll work with you to until you do.


    There is simply no risk - just an open mind a willingness to spend time working out those details.

    For each Package?​

    Since our goal is not to provide you with VA services but rather for you to learn how to effectively build and manage YOUR own VA team! You will have a documented process that is for you

    • What do I have to do to prepare you?

    • What do you have to do to get ready, implement & train.

    • Our most successful Platinum clients leave each week with a clear understand of "My 3 things & your 3 things" 

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